More than just colors


What is a Painting?

Painting is a two-dimensional visual image made using acrylic, oil, or any other colors on a surface like canvas, paper and wood. Modern, abstract, figurative and portrait are some famous painting styles and can be made using oil, acrylic and watercolors. Artists also make paintings to showcase their thoughts and emotions, so a painting is much more than just colors.

Landscape acrylic painting
Lord Rama spiritual painting abstract
Hinduism Rama acrylic abstract paintings
Modern abstract paintings

Want a custom painting?

We would love to create one for you. Paintings are a good way to give an aesthetic look to rooms and walls. Feel free to contact us for any of your painting needs.

Artworks available worldwide

Our original paintings and sculptures are available worldwide through the website of Saatchi Art. Visit the link below to check our profile on Saatchi Art.